America's Daughter Nigeria's Wife

The life and style of an American girl married to Nigerian Culture


I’m not your typical American girl! 
Welcome to my life as a mother, author, & entrepreneur. Join with me in this adventure called life, as I explore culture, lifestyle, and self love.  
A little about me…
I am an author, blogger,scriptwriter, co-host of the talk show  #Trending with Aladdin and Tahnee, and Chief Operating Officer of Naija Wives, Inc. My passion for life is fueled by vowing to live a life of positivity despite battling a debilitating chronic illness. Through by promoting a life of self love and happiness, I have been able to encourage many women on the path of self fulfillment. My connection with Nigeria stems from having married into the Yoruba culture in 2017. Though the marriage ended, my love and adoration for the country and it’s culture made me vow to be forever “married” to Nigeria. I reside in Dallas, TX with my children  Kari and Yemisi. 

My love and connection with nigeria

There is a reason that I refer to myself as America’s daughter and Nigeria’s wife. Check out my video to find out about my love and connection with Nigeria.

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